Historic Resource Evaluation and Mitigation

Tim Kelley Consulting is certified as approved Historic Resource Evaluation (HRE) consultants by the San Francisco Planning Department.

Mission National Bank Building 16th & Julian, San Francisco (2010)

Mission National Bank Building 16th & Julian, San Francisco

This National Register-eligible Greek Revival banking temple had suffered great damage to its cast concrete cladding, which was both deteriorating and threatening to fall away onto the busy public sidewalks. We were instrumental in identifying a preservation strategy that both satisfied the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Preservation and allowed an immediate remedy for the safety issue.

1701 Ninth Avenue: San Francisco (2009)

1701 Ninth Avenue: San Francisco

Our clients were the owners of a 1915 neighborhood commercial building that had been remodeled with a Moderne façade in the 1930s. The Planning Department required a survey of similar small scale Moderne structures citywide in order to establish a context for evaluating the project. We were able to do this within a modest budget thanks to our technically advanced methods.

101 Arbor Street, San Francisco (2006)

The property owner needed to rehab his home, which though originally built in 1907, had been altered many times since. A small vocal group opposed his proposal, claiming it would ruin the historic nature of the property. In our report, we were able to demonstrate this was not so. The Planning Department agreed, but the project was appealed to the Planning Commission. We appeared before the Commission, who upheld our findings unanimously.